On this page you can find eBooks on how to draw animals, cars, people, objects, landscapes, flowers, superheroes and more. Find instructions for art, new drawing ideas, and easy step-by-step tutorials that are sure to level up your art. These books provide highly detailed drawing tutorials, and if you follow the instructions and draw patiently, you will have good results. These books are written and illustrated by a well-liked fine artist Jasmina Susak, whose photorealistic drawings are popular around the world. Since the author is a self-taught artist, the material is presented clearly with friendly instructions that everyone can follow.

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Drawing Video: Superman
HD MP4 file, $14
Drawing Video: Black Spider
Full HD MP4 file, $3
Drawing Video: Spider-Man PS4
HD MP4 file, $7
Drawing Video: Emma Watson
HD MP4 file, $14
Drawing Video: The Rock
HD MP4 file, $13
Drawing Video: Roaring Wolf
HD MP4 file, $5
Drawing Video: Deadpool 2
HD MP4 file, $11
Drawing Video: Gal Gadot
HD MP4 file, $14
Drawing Video: 3D Shark
Full HD MP4 file, $5
Drawing Video: Thor Ragnarok
HD MP4 file, $14
Drawing Video: 3D Spider-Man
HD MP4 file, $11
Drawing Video: Wolf in Forest
Full HD MP4 file, $13


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After purchasing and downloading, you will have to print the coloring pages yourself. For better results, print he designs on a good quality paper, the thicker paper for extra durability. Cheap, common print paper is too thin and can cause the surface to tear or buckle. A smooth, fine-toothed paper, such as the Bristol or Fabriano Bristol is ideal for coloring. You can color these pages, even in Photoshop, Paint.NET, Microsoft's Paint or any other image editor using Paint Bucket Tool.

Coloring Book
for Adults,
54 Pages, $2.50
Coloring Mandalas
34 Pages, $2.00
3D Coloring Mandalas
21 Pages, $1.50

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