How to Draw Horses
with Graphite and Colored Pencils

by Jasmina Susak

In this book you will find nine unique drawing tutorials on how to draw horses using graphite and colored pencils. This book will give you step-by-step instructions for drawing many kinds of horses in different poses. The author has also included instructional sketches to give you more insight into horse anatomy. You will learn how to create the main lines, how to draw long and short hair, how to make a horse's body shine, how to create a three-dimensional drawing, and how to draw shadows and highlights. You will also learn techniques for blending colored pencils and many other tricks and tips.Every tutorial consists of 6-20 illustrations and short explanation for each step based on the author's personal experience.

You will also learn interesting facts about horses.

Enjoy learning!

Table of contents:
Introduction/How to use this book
White Horse (graphite)
Horse Portait (colored pencils)
Running Brown Horse (colored pencils)
Black Friesian Horse, Side View (graphite)
Running Light Brown Horse (colored pencils)
Horse's Head (colored pencils)
The Rampant Friesian Horse (graphite)
Brown Horse, Side View (colored pencils)
Horse with Baby (colored pencils)
Author's bio

eBook, PDF file
107 pages, $3