How to Draw Landscapes
with Colored Pencils and Markers

Drawing Course

This course will take you through the process of drawing photorealistic landscapes with colored pencils and markers. You’ll learn how to draw elements of the ladscape such as trees and leaves, hills and mountains, forests, water and buildings, including step by step exercises throughout. This course contains ten unique drawing tutorials. Every tutorial consists of a lot of illustrations with short explanations for each step. The drawing tutorials are accompanied by the real time videos to help you learn faster and more through observation.

Enjoy learning!

What you will get?

  • eBook with 10 step-by-step drawing tutorials (PDF file)
  • 7 real time drawing process videos.
  • printable sketches (in the case that you just want to color)
  • links to useful softwares and apps that artists use

Note: These real time drawing videos are not narrated; you will have to follow instructions from eBook in which you will find the names and numbers of the colored pencils you have to use in every step, and detailed explanation of what exactly do you have to do.