Mastering 3D Art

with Jasmina Susak

A very simple, easy-to-understand-and-follow guide to drawing in 3D using colored pencils. This book offers great tips and tricks on how to create drawings that appear three-dimensional. Go through these unique, step-by-step drawing tutorials, and you'll see that it is simpler than you can imagine, and if you follow the instructions and draw patiently, you will enjoy your result and be inspired to continue. This book is enriched with many kinds of artworks and simple explanations on how to make them the easiest way. You will learn to create anamorphic drawings, which appear good only when being viewed from a certain angle, and also non-anamorphic, normal drawings which can be observed from any angle. You will learn to draw trick art using two papers and to create a perfect 3D perspective color drawing, hand art, and even a moving 3D illusion. Have fun and enjoy learning!

Table of Contents:
How to use this book
Making 2D into 3D
Drawing tutorials:
Basketball (Ball)
How to draw a moving 3D optical illusion
How to draw 3D Chameleon
How to draw 3D Jigsaw
How to draw in 3D perspective
How to make a creepy hand art 3D illusion
How to draw a 3D Shark on blue paper
How to draw a 3D shoelace on lined paper
How to draw a 3D black spider
How to create the cast shadow
Anamorphic artworks
How to make anamorphic drawings from reference photos
How to draw an anamorphic ”W” letter
How to draw an anamorphic ”K” letter on grey paper
How to draw anamorphic stairs with two papers
About the Author
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Mastering 3D Art, PDF File
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