How to Draw Realistic

by Jasmina Susak

In this book you will find five drawing tutorials with simple explanations, tricks and tips about drawing a lifelike people with colored pencils. Every tutorial consists of 6- 20 steps and short explanation for each step based on the author's personal experience.

Learn to draw a smooth skin with colored pencils (dream of many), to erase the lines of pencil with another colored pencil, to create a highlights, using white pencil over the drawn areas, and so on. All aspects of working with colored pencils are covered, including layering, blending, mixing and building up color.

Enjoy learning!

Table of contents:
Using the Grid-Method
Drawing Tutorials:
Katty Perry
James Rodriguez
Snoop Dogg
Miley Cyrus
Author's Bio

eBook, PDF file
75 pages, $3