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Patreon logo link colored pencil tutorialsOn this site, you can easily find all of the real-time colored and graphite pencil drawing videos and step-by-step tutorials posted on Jasmina Susak's Patreon page. Join Jasmina's growing Patreon community to gain access to a vast collection of tutorials and receive personal support from the renowned artist known for her expertise in colored pencil art.

COLORED PENCILS - Narrated Drawing Video Tutorials

COLORED PENCILS - Non-Narrated Drawing Videos

Patreon logo link colored pencil tutorialsWant to draw in colored pencil with photorealism? Look no further; your search ends here. Discover the artistry of Jasmina Susak, a highly skilled colored pencil artist. Below are the posts that link to her Patreon page, where she reveals her detailed colored pencil drawing process. These videos are not sped up and may not be narrated due to their extended duration, with some videos spanning 15 to 20 hours. Peek behind the scenes to witness the creation of photorealism. By watching, you can learn the artistry and master it yourself.

GRAPHITE PENCILS - Narrated Drawing Video Tutorials

Patreon logo link colored pencil tutorialsBelow, you'll find real-time narrated graphite drawing videos on Jasmina's Patreon. Each video is highly detailed, and the artist provides explanations on how to achieve a realistic drawing style. These drawings are created from scratch, with Jasmina guiding you from the blank sheet of paper, sketching every outline right before your eyes. She finishes each piece with fine shading, offering step-by-step instructions for you to follow. Join the many satisfied students worldwide who have learned from Jasmina's guidance. You will end up with fantastic results, just like many beginners have already achieved.

GRAPHITE PENCILS - Non-Narrated Drawing Videos

Written Tutorials with Pictures

Patreon logo link colored pencil tutorialsExplore a wide range of step-by-step colored and graphite pencil drawing tutorials, each accompanied by detailed explanations and images for every stage. Learn to create realistic renditions of animals, people, everyday objects, and more. Jasmina's art lessons cover all skill levels, providing tutorials for beginners, intermediate, and advanced artists. Progress at your own pace with printable line artwork for coloring, reference photos, and a list of art materials used.

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